What is it?

Deception Discovery Technologies, LLC delivers new technology that analyzes language-based cues to deception and presents findings in an easy-to- use format.

What are the Key Advantages?

The Deception Discovery approach is non-invasive. No electrodes or specialized hardware are required. The approach is based on well-grounded statement analysis techniques -- which are admissible as evidence in courts across Europe and gaining acceptance in the U.S. By using an automated, system cultural bias is removed, and the ability to review large collections with consistent is accomplished.

How does it work?

By utilizing the tools of computational linguistics, a set of linguistic indicators of deception are formally represented
and automated in a natural language processing system. Deception Discovery uses indicators that are well known in the psychological and criminal justice literature, along with new methods to produce accurate, reproducible results.

Who is behind this?

Deception Discovery Technologies, LLC was founded by Dr. Joan Bachenko, PhD, and Michael Schonwetter. Dr. Bachenko is a world-renowned expert in linguistics and has published foundational work on prosody in speech. Mr. Schonwetter has extensive background in time analysis and processing of legal documents, and is the founder of Synchron Voice and Video.

Can this really work?

The approach works. Tested in a rigorous series of experiments, the approach has been shown to perform significantly better than humans on deception detection tests.

Can I use this on all my documents?

No. The approach used by Deception Discovery requires "spontaneous speech," such as would be found in an interview, deposition, or spoken statement. Although the approach may be effective in analysis of non-formal written communications such as email and instant messaging, this has not been validated and is not recommended at this time.

What do I get?

The basic service will create an automated analysis of your document with regions highlighted in red for suspected deceptive regions, and green for suspected non-deceptive regions. Deception Discovery also offers expert consultation and/or testimony. Additional manual processing will result in more accurate predictions, as well as a summary of key sections of the document by subject.